Alongside our traditional bespoke Planetariums, we have a Travelling Planetarium for hire here in Italy.

The Travelling Planetarium is designed to be easy to transport and quick to set up. The Travelling Planetarium Dome measures 6 metres in diameter, can accommodate 40 people and is designed to be installed in any space, either indoors or out, providing it meets the minimum size requirements of 7 metres in width x 7 metres in length x 6 metres in height.
The unit used is an Optical-Mechanical projector, comprising a sphere dotted with 3,600 Stars and various projectors for the Milky Way, Sun, Moon and Planets. The following elements are also included in the kit: Sunrise, Sunset, illuminated Cardinal Points, rotating Galaxy, visual reproduction of Supernova explosion with Nebula formation and birth of a number of Stars.
The Travelling Planetarium is simple to use and can be used by any person with a passion for Stargazing and by Astronomy Enthusiast groups: it is particularly suitable for Schools.

The Travelling Planetarium is a practical solution that can be installed as part of dedicated shows and events or erected inside school buildings or shopping centres.

Book an appointment with the Gambato team and find out more about hiring the Travelling Planetarium.