For outdoor use

The Planetarium Domes designed for installation outdoors are the simplest solution allowing you to have a Planetarium even where there are no suitable structures in place to accommodate one.

The structure consists of a base cylinder 2.2 metres high supporting an external Dome and an internal Dome, which is used as a projection screen.

The outside of the Dome is clad with Aluminium sheeting, which comes in white as standard, but can be coloured to your specifications.

The sheeting used for the external cladding is fastened to a tubular Stainless Steel framework.

A roughly 50-80mm-thick layer of insulated panels is sandwiched between the internal and external sheeting, acting as heat insulation and keeping the inside protected from the heat or cold.

Exterior mirror stainless steel dome
Planetarium seatings

The same type of construction is used for the cylinder: it is clad on the outside with precoated Aluminium sheeting (in your choice of colour: white, dark green, light green, blue or red).

Sheet aluminium panels are instead used for the lining, covered in turn with blue fire-retardant carpet.

50-80mm-thick panels are sandwiched between the lining and external cladding as thermal insulation to keep the structure's interior at a comfortable temperature.

People enter and leave through one or more doors fitted with panic bars.

In addition, the structure comes with an internal electrical system, with emergency lights, house lights and power sockets, where required.

The structure also features air conditioning (heating and cooling) and fans for recirculating the air.

An engineered wooden flooring system is installed, raised 50 mm off the ground (in this case, the customer is required just to prepare a concrete platform with cable ducting to accommodate the electric cables).

For indoor use

The "indoor" Projection Dome or Planetarium screen is made entirely from aluminium, can have an inside diameter ranging from 4 to 16 metres, and can stand on posts and/or - given its lightweight design - can be hung or mounted on the room's walls.

The screen is smooth on the inside and can be used both with the old Optical-Mechanical projectors and their new Digital counterparts.