The Observatory Dome can be built with 0.7mm-thick Stainless Steel cladding, or 1.2mm-thick Prepainted Aluminium cladding.

The load-bearing internal structure consists in a 100% Stainless Steel frame.

The Dome runs on wheels suitably sized for Azimuth rotation.

Internally, as a safety precaution, casings are applied to cover all moving mechanical parts as required by law to prevent injury in public and private spaces.

The Observation Shutter varies based on the Dome diameter and the Telescope used, and this applies to both width and clearance beyond the zenith. We can also custom manufacture this opening to your required size.

Drive System for Azimuth Rotation

The Azimuth rotation drive system employs an inverter-controlled gearmotor complete with acceleration and deceleration ramps.

The Dome completes a full turn in approx. 100 seconds (standard speed).

We can adopt solutions with different speeds to meet your individual requirements.

Observation Shutter Opening/Closing

The Shutters can be opened or closed at any point along the Dome's 360° path. The Shutter motors are powered by means of sliding contacts running off low voltage.

In the event of a power outage, the Shutters close automatically.

Top view of dome in copper-colored aluminum
Natural aluminum

Observatory thermally insulating cladding

The Observatory Dome's thermal insulation is produced with expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation panels ranging in thickness from 30 to 100 mm.

The Dome is then lined with plastic-coated plywood panels or with aluminium sheeting (in a colour of your choice).

This design feature, in addition to ensuring the Dome is thermally insulated from the outside environment, provides an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and welcoming interior.

Both the Dome and the Shutters are fully insulated.

Dome support structure

Built with a tubular Stainless Steel frame, covered on the outside with prepainted Aluminium sheeting or Stainless Steel.

The base can be between 0.8 and 4-plus metres high, depending on your requirements, and can have one or more access doors.

It can be lined with prepainted Aluminium sheeting, with plastic-coated plywood sheets or with blue fire-retardant carpet.

A raised deck can be placed inside for people to stand on, finished with aluminium tread plate or wood (engineered flooring).

Cylindrical base extension height 2, 3 meters
Cylindrical base extension with adjacent Control Room

In some cases, we can also install a Control Room "outbuilding" next to the cylindrical base, again thermally insulated and made from the same material as the Dome.