We combine our experience in producing Planetarium structures with the skills of reliable experts handpicked from the industry. When it comes to sourcing Digital Projectors, for instance, we know we can rely on the experience of Albert Pla from ImmersiveAdventure.net.

This company has actually produced an innovative projection system for digital projectors suitable for Domes ranging from 4 to 16 metres in diameter; with Lux/Pro 1200 and Pro 1600 projectors for diameters up to 8-9 metres, and 4 K 7000 or 9000 lumen projectors for larger diameters.


Presented below is a series of accessories and complementary items for Digital Projectors to deliver a unique immersive experience inside the Planetarium.


Immersive Adventure sells Masterput software, which was created by Lionel Ruiz and is controlled via a tablet, allowing the Digital Planetarium to be controlled using a console: on-screen icons let you light up the Dome with myriad Sky shows, and other images.
This system gives you control of all the Planetarium's functions available through its interface. The system is designed to store over 2000 files, organizing content visually for immediate access.

Immersive CubeSound

These are speakers designed to reproduce the soundtrack to the show inside the Dome, distributing sound equally all across the room. It is Bluetooth connectable and easy to carry.

Control column

Integrates all the Planetarium's control functions. It moves vertically to adjust height and can incorporate 2 lights: house and work lights. It can include a keyboard mount and an extra drawer. The CubeSound unit can be built into the base. It is ideal for use in permanent planetariums.

Software and films

Custom software solutions: mini videos, mini shows or scripts. Astronomy, cosmology and science at your fingertips.

  • 5 standard astronomy films complete the planetarium sessions

  • 4 standard cosmogony stories explain the origin of our universe in a cultural light
  • More than 100 short scripts and 250 mini videos provide the backdrop to explanations of astronomy's visual phenomena